Digital games in all shapes and sizes


3 Witches Brewery

3 WITCHES BREWERY is a colorful casual game suitable for all occasions. Brew potions of greatest power, but do not let them get sour!

Catching Kittens

It's raining kittens and only you can save them! Choose your character and rescue as many as possible from a painful end!


Help the little robot PiTT to find his way through a maze of tubes. Innovative puzzle action with realistic physics awaits you.


Game Art

We create any kind of 2D graphics specially adapted to your needs. Our vibrant worlds and unique characters will give your game the proper finish.

  • high quality 2D graphics in various styles
  • dynamic animations, either "Frame by frame" or "Skeletal animation"


We realize your concepts and ideas according to your notion. 2D games and applications for mobile devices are our specialty.

  • cross platform development of games and applications
  • templates and libraries for your Corona SDK projects


We advise and support you in the planning and execution of your projects, whether they are still in conception or almost finished.

  • project planning
  • cost and time estimations
  • recommendation of tools and services



The following libraries were developed for the Corona SDK framework.

They might be used under the terms of the MIT license. Credit is hoped-for but not mandatory.

Audio Handler

Manages all sounds and music globally. Loads, plays and stops them anywhere inside your project.

vs 0.04
Back Button Handler

Manages the Android hardware back button easily.

vs 0.04
Connection Checker

Checks the connection to a certain server or the internet connection in general.

vs 0.04
Easy Box

Create interface boxes from individual corner, border and background images and resize them with ease.

vs 0.04
Easy Button

Create various types of buttons from previously loaded blueprints to build up menus easily.

vs 0.11
Game Data Handler

Manages all relevant game data like scores, levels etc. and saves them for the next session.

vs 0.03
Score Handler

Evaluates highscores via predefined functions.

vs 0.02
Sprite Sheet Handler

Makes it easy to load, unload and manage spritesheets globally.

vs 0.07
QR Generator

Creates QR codes from given data, which can be read by QR readers.

vs 0.01


Screen Head Media
Digital games in all shapes and sizes.

Screen Head Media is an independent game development company from Germany. We are specializing in mobile entertainment.

You like cute characters and sophisticated gameplay? Great, cause that's what our games are about. Check them out and have some fun :)